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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is being there in the industry for a long time. What makes it more popular now? Why all the top-notch companies like Google, Intel, suddenly started to invest on AI.

Because of the usage of Powerful learning technique so-called Machine and Deep Learning. This technique has transformed the AI which was weaker before into stronger AI.

What makes it more powerful? It uses a simplified learning technique that can learn and improve on it own from experience with less user intervention which makes life comfortable by making the machine think, do, react as the humans do.

Autonomous cars, google's latest android P beta, amazon go (just go shopping), Facebook's funny chatbots and much more have banged the market to the core, which makes users(that is us) experience the way they never had.

Using Machine and Deep learning algorithms Literally, all the process can be automated and can also give a personal touch like humans do.

Artificial Intelligence Training Institute In Noida

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Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Noida is a scientifically designed course. You will be given step by step training, in both theory and practical's, by experienced and highly qualified staff. We ensure that each of our students is mentored and monitored by our staff to ensure they get a thorough grounding in the topic. We have instituted a flexible timing schedule so as to suit the needs of most students. The fees are moderate for such an in depth course. To join an Artificial Intelligence Course In Noida, do not hesitate, please feel free to contact us now. By joining our Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida, you are gifting yourself a successful career path.

APTRON is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida. India's Top Rated AI Training Institute offers real-time practical Artificial Intelligence Training with the real-time project, job orientation, and certification guidance. Our training is 100% job assured.

Course Content and Syllabus for Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida

Artificial Intelligence

  • An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • History of Artificial Intelligence
  • Future and Market Trends in Artificial Intelligence
  • Intelligent Agents - Perceive-Reason-Act Loop
  • Search and Symbolic Search
  • Constraint-based Reasoning
  • Simple Adversarial Search (Game-Playing)
  • Neural Networks and Perceptrons
  • Understanding Feedforward Networks
  • Boltzmann Machines and Autoencoders
  • Exploring Backpropagation

Deep Networks and Structured Knowledge

  • Deep Networks/Deep Learning
  • Knowledge-based Reasoning
  • First-order Logic and Theorem
  • Rules and Rule-based Reasoning
  • Studying Blackboard Systems
  • Structured Knowledge: Frames, Cyc, Conceptual Dependency
  • Description Logic
  • Reasoning with Uncertainty
  • Probability & Certainty-Factors
  • What are Bayesian Networks?
  • Understanding Sensor Processing
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Studying Neural Elements
  • Convolutional Networks
  • Recurrent Networks
  • Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Networks

Machine Learning and Hacking

  • Machine learning
  • Reprise: Deep Learning
  • Symbolic Approaches and Multiagent Systems
  • Societal/Ethical Concerns
  • Hacking and Ethical Concerns
  • Behaviour and Hacking
  • Job Displacement & Societal Disruption
  • Ethics of Deadly AIs
  • Danger of Displacement of Humanity
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Processing

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Processing in Python
  • Natural Language Processing in R
  • Studying Deep Learning
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • ANN Intuition
  • Plan of Attack
  • Studying the Neuron
  • The Activation Function
  • Working of Neural Networks
  • Exploring Gradient Descent
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Exploring Backpropagation

Artificial and Conventional Neural Network

  • Understanding Artificial Neural Network
  • Building an ANN
  • Building Problem Description
  • Evaluation the ANN
  • Improving the ANN
  • Tuning the ANN
  • Conventional Neural Networks
  • CNN Intuition
  • Convolution Operation
  • ReLU Layer
  • Pooling and Flattening
  • Full Connection
  • Softmax and Cross-Entropy
  • Building a CNN
  • Evaluating the CNN
  • Improving the CNN
  • Tuning the CNN

Recurrent Neural Network

  • Recurrent Neural Network
  • RNN Intuition
  • The Vanishing Gradient Problem
  • LSTMs and LSTM Variations
  • Practical Intuition
  • Building an RNN
  • Evaluating the RNN
  • Improving the RNN
  • Tuning the RNN

Self-Organizing Maps

  • Self-Organizing Maps
  • SOMs Intuition
  • Plan of Attack
  • Working of Self-Organizing Maps
  • Revisiting K-Means
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Reading an Advanced SOM
  • Building an SOM

Boltzmann Machines

  • Energy-Based Models (EBM)
  • Restricted Boltzmann Machine
  • Exploring Contrastive Divergence
  • Deep Belief Networks
  • Deep Boltzmann Machines
  • Building a Boltzmann Machine
  • Installing Ubuntu on Windows
  • Installing PyTorch


  • AutoEncoders: An Overview
  • AutoEncoders Intuition
  • Plan of Attack
  • Training an AutoEncoder
  • Overcomplete hidden layers
  • Sparse Autoencoders
  • Denoising Autoencoders
  • Contractive Autoencoders
  • Stacked Autoencoders
  • Deep Autoencoders

PCA, LDA, and Dimensionality Reduction

  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
  • PCA in Python
  • PCA in R
  • Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
  • LDA in Python
  • LDA in R
  • Kernel PCA
  • Kernel PCA in Python
  • Kernel PCA in R

Model Selection and Boosting

  • K-Fold Cross Validation in Python
  • Grid Search in Python
  • K-Fold Cross Validation in R
  • Grid Search in R
  • XGBoost
  • XGBoost in Python
  • XGBoost in R